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A rehab center is a place where people who become addicts to any of the various forms of addiction go for the treatment they can’t give themselves. In other words, a rehab center is a therapy center set up for people who have become subject to either the common addiction to alcohol or drugs. A rehab center can be divided into two types which are drug and alcohol rehab centers or a halfway therapy rehab center, both places can be used in the systematic care of sick people or addicted people but both places use different system to arrive at the same result of cure.

There are the private rehabilitation centers established by private addiction medical experts and these rehab centers are equipped with various forms of modern technical apparatus which could make the treatment of an addicted patient go well and these apparatus are very effective as well. However, contrary to say it is not all private rehab centers that possess ideal apparatus which are technically advanced and so, there are also private centers who still use the same mode of therapy care which has often worked for addicts and these traditional methods sadly to say don’t give that prolonged guarantee of cure an addicted patient should get.

Another, feature of the private rehab centers is that, due to its mode of management which involve contracting staffs and expertly trained addiction personnel as well as employing the use of modernized addiction therapy apparatus, demands much money to be paid for their services and consequently, not everyone could produce huge amounts of money for therapy care in private care. A survey conducted in America shows that the lowest price anybody could afford for a therapy in America could go as low as $19,000 and above. Thus given the severity of the addiction case the establishment might demand more money for easy therapy care and so, although this method could be very effective in cure, you can forgo treatment there and seek other alternative forms which we will explain further in this article.

The state drug and alcohol rehab therapy care, the common state addiction therapy system could also be approached for therapy if one has an addiction and desires to get cured of it. The state rehab system so far is one of the most used addiction care treatment centers and it offers an opportunity for anyone who wants to get free from his or her addiction to do so. But, it must be noted that because these rehabs are government-oriented, there are no possibilities of one having to make choices on the mode of therapy method he or she may want to have, this is contrary to the private rehab system where you have the alternative of choosing your own mode of therapy.

The state therapy method is fixed and depending on the state you choose for the treatment you might get different mode in the administration of therapy.But, you would have no option than to go with them. Recent surveys have shown that not all cured addicts who go through the state therapy method remain cured but because few didn’t really get that cure they deserved reverted back to their former addictions.